Why Iceberg India ?

  • 7 years of success, 1270 Clients, 12 country, 22 Indian States, 269 Cities.
  • No. 1 DMIT Software provider in the world.
  • Pioneer in Creating DMIT/Midbrain Brands across world.
  • The only company to offer Archetic DMIT Software, DMIT beyond limitation.
  • A Team of Certified Dermatoglyphics Analyst from Malaysia.
  • The only company to offer Scientific Evidence of DMIT Concept.
  • DMIT Software with Certificate of Authenticity
  • The only company to offer Software for Midbrain Activation
  • The most authentic Midbrain Activation track with guaranteed result
  • Life time after sales service and support
  • EMI Facility Available

The Real Thought

Before we go further, Let's find out some of the answers to very important facts related to DMIT...

Why do DMIT Companies fail ?

Most people enter into DMIT business because of excitement and enthusiasm. They are shown huge potential and big dreams in DMIT Business. But when they actually enter into the field they face a different world all together which they had never thought of...

Why do schools say "No" to DMIT ?

What is the Authenticity of DMIT Concept ? What is the Authenticity of your DMIT report ? What is the scientific co-relations between each finger's print and its claimed intelligence ? The Father of Multiple Intelligence, Dr. Howard Gardner, himself does not support DMIT report then how can we accept this ?

Challenging Objections in DMIT Business

Every genuine customer has the rights to raise objections before he/she buys any product or service. By raising objections, customer is not creating hurdle in your business but he is just using his birth right. It's our incompetency that we are not able to handle his objections in effective manner.

What is the Scientific Evidence of DMIT ?

DMIT stand for Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test which is a combination of 2 different things : 1. D - Dermatoglyphics So DMIT means finding Multiple Intelligence through Dermatoglyphics, right ? Prove it. Prove that multiple intelligence can be found through Dermatoglyphics.

Success KASH

Everybody wants to grow in life and most likely financially. And that's why people start focusing on Cash (Money) but still struggle to earn enough money because they focus on Cash instead of KASH (Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Habit). Let's learn simple definition of KASH

How to make DMIT business successful ?

DMIT is very promising business and no doubt that it has unlimited potential too. We really want you to succeed in your DMIT business because our success lies in your success. We can surely help you out with our expertise to run DMIT business successfully, some of the points which you must adhere...

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